1. At what age can my child commence at Preschool?

We are licenced to cater for children from the age of 3 (who are toilet trained). As per our funding agreements however we must prioritise children in their year before school.

There is no minimum age however for placing your child onto a waitlist for when they turn the available age.

2. What are your operating hours?

Preschool operates Monday to Friday 8.30 - 4pm, during public school terms (excluding staff development days). We do not offer before or after school care.

3. What is the cost of sending my child to Preschool?

Our fees are currently set at $30 per day, currently the NSW State Government subsidises 15 hours of Preschool per child per week, making the first 2 days of preschool per week free.

4. Does the service provide food for my child?

Short answer is NO! Preschool requires families to provide crunch and sip (fresh fruit or vegetables) , lunch and an afternoon tea snack. We are able to provide plenty of suggestions and ideas on what to pack for you child.

5. How do I enroll my child at your Preschool?

On the enrollment page you will find a registration form, print this form, complete and return it to us either in person or via email to be placed on our waitlist. 

6. How big is the waitlist?

We currently have an extensive waitlist for 2024, this does not necessarily mean your child will not get a position, there are many contributing factors to take into account. The best option is to provide us with the registration form to gain a spot on the waitlist and then make contact in August to understand your child's enrolment position.

7. When will I know if my child has a position?

We will commence our enrollment process for our returning children in July, by August we will have an understanding of how many new positions we have available to offer, this will be when we make contact with the waitlist children.