The Oaks Preschool

Our Philosophy
Preschool Aims:
  • To provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which children can learn.

  • To provide a stepping stone from the family to the formal education system.

  • To provide an environment in which families and teaching staff can work together to meet the individual needs of the child.

  • To accommodate the individual needs and interests of each child by providing appropriate activities.

  • To provide a range of experiences which build upon and reflect the child’s cultural background.

  • To foster a sense of security and inclusion for children, parents and caregivers.

  • To develop on-going communication between staff, families and children.

  • To employ staff who enjoy working with both children and their families.

  • To develop co-operative relationships between staff and Board members.

  • To encourage and support the professional growth and development of staff.


To see full preschool philosophy see Parent Handbook

Mrs Stacey Sayre

Director / Educator

Mrs Kathy Odgers


Mrs Simone White

Teacher/Educator Leader

Mrs Liz Fryer


Mrs Amanda Scott


Mrs Patricia Tzortzis


Mrs Tammy Angilley


Mrs Sharon Adams


Mrs Kayla Mills


Mrs Brooke Swain

Office Administrator

Our Educators
& Staff
  • Engaging play experiences including woodwork, gardening, swings, ipads, scooters, water play and singing 


  • Quality incursions and excursions


  • Teaching sustainable practices including worm farms, composting,water tanks and chicken coop


  • Large natural outdoor area


  • Extensive resources available for children


  • Funds go directly back into preschool


  • Board of parents and community members responsible for the general management of preschool


  • Above staff to child ratios


  • Mixed age group rooms


  • Two room preschool


  • 39 place service


  • Strong links with the community including ongoing communication with local primary schools


  • Preschool practices reflect the guidelines of the National Quality Framework


  • Preschool program covers the principles, practices and five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)​